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Accept fixed denomination contactless payments. Just set the amount and let your customers tap the cards.

Charities, fundraisers, party organizers, artists, and everybody that needs to accept fixed amount contactless payments with minimum supervision.

Tap and Give App

Use your Android phone and a Square reader to accept contactless and card payments just set the amount and ask customers to keep tapping.


Accept contactless donations, fast and simple by asking customers to tap the card.

Card payments

Accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Interac. All the benefits of a Square Account.

Tax Receipts

Issue tax receipts for card and cash payments (POS version comming soon)

Tap and Give acrylic case

Protects your square reader in a durable acrylic case with your logo and provide transaction information to the consumer .

ePaper display

Provide pricing and transaction information to the customer.

Custom graphics

Customize the text, logos and colors


Strong acrylic case to protect the Square reader.

Android Terminal

Do you need printed receipts?
Add an Android terminal and print donation receipts and reports.

Wisenet Terminal

Square compatible Android terminal with printer. It is not locked so you can install other Android apps from Google Play.

Smart phones + Bluetooth printer

Print receipts using your Square compatible Android phones with a bluetooth printer.

Customize reports

Customize the receipt header and footer.





TapAndGive Pro

(Available soon)

TapAndGive OEM

Contact us for pricing


Tap and Give App requires to install the FREE Square POS App and have a Square account.

Square does not allow fully unattened transaction, clerk must be near while accepting payments.

Square accounts are available in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Japan. 

Activate unlimited transactions from the App by selecting the Account option. 

Application is unlocked and can process transactions with any merchant account, to lock the application or customizations avaiable.

Equipment options

Square Reader

Acrylic case

Coming soon ...

Wisenet POS

Bluetooth printer

Download the app now and start collecting money.