About Us

In this new cashless society

The world needs experts in mobile payments willing to make a difference

Our Mission

Help those who need accepting contactless payments

TechnoPrepay Solutions

TechnoPrepay Solutions is a startup company based in Vancouver, Canada. We are passionate about technology and payments. We are also concerned that the evolution toward a cashless world will be too fast for society to catch up, and will negatively affect artists, religious organizations,  and everyone who depends on cash donations and tips. We are working to create low cost alternatives using standard components for accepting card and mobile payments.  

Product Design

All aspect of product development, from research, concept desing, development, testing and production.


Cloud base software and payment integrations.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps that that solve real life problems.

Juan Carlos Vera - Founder and CEO

Mechanical Engineer with Master in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M.
22 years experience in software programming and payments solutions.